Ubud Rice Terraces at Tegalalang


A trip to Bali is not complete without a visit to Ubud’s world famous Tegalalang rice terraces.  These Ubud rice terraces are a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized for their sustainability and connection to the local culture.  The views are breathtaking and make for the perfect photo op.

Tegalalang rice terraces are the “destination” of our electric bicycle tour but of course half the fun is getting there!.  We leave from Ubud town and wind our way through beautiful rice fields and jungle.  We make stops at various points of interest where our knowledgeable guides will teach you about some of the finer points of Balinese culture.  You really never know what you will see on the tour.  Some times we come across festive ceremonies, kids at music class, villagers flying kites, or maybe we can participate in the rice harvest.

Upon arriving at Tegalalang rice terraces you will take in the gorgeous scenery and enjoy complimentary refreshments.  We actually stop at a less busy part of the rice terraces that not as many people know about (Shhhhh! Our secret) so you get a much more relaxing experience.

The return trip has an optional stop at a luwak coffee plantation (civet coffee) or a local family compound and then continues on through the local villages before arriving back at the starting point for a delicious lunch.

There really is no better way to see the Ubud rice terraces than on our tour.  There is a reason why so many people are calling our ebike tour the “best thing we did in Bali” and we invite you to experience this with us.