Bali Campervan Rentals by Bali Campers

Over the years eBikes Bali has been fortunate to have had thousands of happy customers.  Thousands of satisfied customers have given us 5-star reviews on various platforms and that genuinely warms our hearts.  Thanks!

With a combination of a fast, efficient reservations system, friendly staff, excellent top of the line bikes, and a commitment to quality, we assure our customers an amazing time and the proof is in the many years of happy customers.

It’s with the same commitment to customer satisfaction that we are happy to announce that the same company that brought you eBikes Bali is now introducing Bali Campers.

Bali Campers is a Bali campervan rental company aimed at opening up this beautiful island to our guests.  We want to give visitors to Bali the chance to really see what this beautiful island is all about.  I think we can all agree that the best way to experience a place’s natural beauty is to immerse oneself in it.  And the best way to do that is camping!

So, we custom designed and built amazing campervans and then found all the best camping places in Bali.  We understand that not everyone knows Bali like we do and renting a campervan in Bali can seem a bit daunting.  With this in mind we charted out all the best Bali camping spots, put together all the important information about each spot in order to show you the best driving routes to get around the island.

Bali Campers offers you campervans with:

  • Running water
  • Solar powered lithium batteries
  • High efficiency refrigerator
  • Cooking facilities
  • Comfortable sleeping layout

And for peace of mind it’s all insured by Allianz™

On top of this you can go to our website and see detailed information about all the best camping places in Bali.  This makes planning your dream Bali camping trip a breeze.  

Add to this our amazingly friendly staff and smooth booking system and you have a guaranteed great time! 

So come check us out at and start planning your Bali escape.