Ubud’s Rice Fields are Incredible!

Ubud Rice Fields

The Ubud rice fields have been a pillar of the Balinese culture for centuries.  The flowing emerald green fields are not just a beauty to behold but play a key role is much of the Balinese way of life.  And underpinning these amazing rice fields is the subak system.  The subak is a system of water management which disperses the precious water from the key sources right down to each individual farmer’s rice field.  This system of water management has allowed Bali to be one of the most productive rice growing regions in the less developed world.

These majestic rice fields actually go through many stages, each beautiful in it’s own regard.  From the tilling of the fields, to the planting of the rice, to the green growth, the golden ripening, and finally the harvest.

eBikes Bali does electric cycling tours through the incredible Ubud rice fields.  Our cycling tours are lead by local guides from these villages that we cycle through.  They show you the intricacies of the local rice cultivation and share their amazing culture with you.  Our cycling routes travel right through the heart of Ubud’s “green belt” and reach the Tegalalang rice terraces, a UNESCO world heritage site with plenty of stops along the way.  Our electric bicycles make it easy to enjoy the whole Ubud rice field tour by pedaling as much or as little as you want.

If you would like to see the rice fields of Ubud in all of their amazing glory, book a tour with us and find out what people are calling “the best thing to do in Ubud”.