The Perfect Ubud Bicycle Tour for Seniors

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Here at eBikes Bali we get lots of emails everyday asking various questions about our Ubud cycling tour.  One of the most common ones is, is the tour OK for older people?  We are always so happy to answer with a resounding, YES!

The electric bicycle is a great “equalizer”.  It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, fit or wannabe-fit.  The ability to add electrical assistance to your pedaling (or not pedal at all) means that anyone can do our bicycle tour.  This is really important since the area around Ubud is quite hilly and the electric bicycle really flattens out those hills.

With age comes various things which might slow one down on a bicycle tour.  Maybe the strength just isn’t there like it was in days past, maybe an injury picked up along the road of life slows things a bit, or maybe it’s that extra wisdom which tells you that on holiday it’s best to save some energy for sunset cocktails.  No matter what the issue may be, we are happy to offer an activity which allows everyone to have fun.

I remember our first week of operation we had a group of 4 people in their late 60’s ask if our cycling tour would be suitable for them.  I figured the answer was yes, but I wasn’t sure.  I explained to them how the bikes worked and told them that I thought they would be fine.  They decided to go on the tour and when they came back they were all smiles.  Brilliant!  Incredible!  So much fun!  They had a blast and were no worse for wear.

Since then we have had countless guests of advanced years enjoy our tour.  Our oldest guest was 81 and absolutely loved it.  We also have an electric buggy which follows the Ubud bicycle tour along the route.  The main purpose of the buggy is to provide support (in case of flat tires and such) but if at any time a guest wants to get off the bike and opt for the buggy they are more than welcome.

So if you are of a distinguished age and would like to have a great time exploring the incredible Ubud countryside, have no worries, we have the bicycle tour for you!



Our Guests Love us!

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  • Wilhelmina Jones
    02/07/2017 3:54 pm

    This sounds perfect for me ,I will be 75 years old but as the add says anyone can do it.My sister and I are hoping to come back to Bali next year for a holiday and as I have problems with my knees this would be perfect.


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