Half Day Ubud Bike Tour

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A Half Day Ubud Bike Tour is Perfect


When we started eBikes Bali we knew that we wanted to offer half-day Ubud bicycle tours.  We knew that there were incredible things to see around Ubud and that seeing them on a bicycle was the way to do it.  There was just one problem, hills!  That’s where the electric bicycle comes in.  An electric bicycle allows you to go up those hills as if they weren’t there.

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Other Ubud bicycle tours require that you take a van up to the top of the mountain and roll down.  There’s just one problem with that, it takes too much time!  Going up the mountain is a popular tourist activity for many tourists, especially the Chinese and domestic tourists who go up there in big tour busses.  This means one thing, traffic.  So, between having to take the van up the mountain, fight traffic, then take another van back to Ubud you have now spent an entire day on your cycling tour.  We think that’s unnecessary.

At eBikes Bali we want to deliver you an unforgettable experience in a convenient amount of time.  That is why when we pick you up from your hotel you get a private car.  We don’t pick you up and then hop from hotel to hotel picking up others.  No way!  We pick you up privately and will usually have you at the tour’s starting point in under ten minutes. Yes, under ten minutes.  That’s because we don’t need to drive up a mountain just to roll down.  Our electric bikes give you the freedom to go uphill with ease.

In life, time is the most valuable thing you have.  Nowhere is this more true than when on holiday.  You took the time off work, you spent time booking flights and hotels, you are likely spending a lot of money on your trip.  This means that every hour is precious and you should make the most of it.

We are always conscious of your time.  That’s why we give you a private pickup, that’s why we put more guides per guest on a tour than any other company, that’s why we take photos for you so you can enjoy the scenery.  Our half-day Ubud cycling tour only takes half a day but is FULL quality.

Our Guests Love us!

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  • That’s a great service to pick up from the hotel directly and not do a whole bunch of pickups along the way. We often get guests staying at our villas who ask about bike rentals and tours so I will be sure to recommend your site.


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